Call for Volunteers!

As always, NER is an all-volunteer organization.  We could use some more help on upcoming rides, especially the 600k!  We could use help both at the overnight control in Portland and at the finish in Woburn.   Anyone helping out is eligible to preride the route for credit and for free any time in the two weeks preceding the event.   Please ping me (Sarah) at rba at nerandonneurs dot org if you’re able to help.

We can also always use more people on any event – running a control is more fun with a group and it’s a great way to see a different side to randonneuring!

Registration open for all 2023 NER events

Individual ride pages have been updated with registration links!

July 22nd: O Canada Centennial 400k (ACP Certified) Celebrating 100 years since the first ACP 400k, this event also falls at a great time for a last long pre-PBP event.  Bring your climbing legs and your swimsuit for the swimming hole at the northern turnaround!   This event starts in Woodstock, VT.  There is no rider limit but the special anniversary medals are only guaranteed for the first 25 riders to register.

September 16th: Newport & Plymouth 300k (RUSA Certified)  A fall ride in the middle of perhaps the best time to ride in New England.   This event starts in Dedham, MA.

We may be adding more events as the year goes on; if there’s something you’d like to organize, please get in touch!

Calendar Syncing and Perm Library

You can automatically sync your calendar to NER’s schedule of events and know instantly when a new one is added. Just copy the following URL into your calendar’s “URL Subscribe” feature:

If you want even more riding, consider RUSA’s Permanent program. This is a library of thousands of randonneuring routes nationwide including several dozen in New England. Riders get RUSA distance “credit” for completing these routes and they can be ridden at any time. There’s a new search tool to help riders find routes close to their home. The tool is also useful for finding brevets offered by other RUSA regions.