RUSA Permanents

Permanents are randonneuring style routes which follow similar rules in regards to distances, controls, and time limits. Unlike the organized, group based events that NER offers, RUSA Permanents can be ridden at any time by an individual RUSA member. All they need to do is find a route, select a date, register, and ride! Perms are a great way to keep Randonneuring year round on your own schedule.

Permanent Program Info Page (RUSA)

The RUSA Perm program was thoroughly revised in 2020. Historically, Perm routes were owned by individual RUSA members who coordinated the registration directly. Routes are now “owned” and managed directly by RUSA.

There are dozens of Permanent routes across New England with more added each month. Try this Permanent & Route search tool to find ones near you.

RUSA accepts submission of routes to add to the program and riders are encouraged to design and submit routes.

This is NER’s now-outdated perm page from before the RUSA revision.