Quick Providence Update

A quick update on the April 14th Providence ride — the ride is on and a new BikeReg signup form is up; the route has been updated but still starts in Providence, and we have created a new BikeReg event.  Everyone who was signed up for the original event was emailed, but for anyone who was waiting on weather predictions or just hadn’t gotten around to it, that’s the update.

Details on the Hell’s Hollow Event

Registration for Hell’s Hollow (April 14th) Event

April and May 2024 Events!

Greetings NERds. It’s time to bike! We have many classic events starting in April and the return of the Portland Maine Fleche.

April 6th – The Sterling 100k starting from Lincoln, MA. More then 713 riders have finished a variation of this classic NER Route which features a stop in Sterling Center for snacks. Come join us for the traditional season opener.

April 14thProvidence 200k. Ride is back on! Now using an updated version of the Hell’s Hollow route which was last used in 2018. Ride starts from the Providence Bike Collective.

Apr 28th – NER’s Boston Area 200k. Historically this has most number of riders as the start of the Boston Brevet Series. This year we’re using the descriptive “Five Hills in NH” route. The brevet starts from Medford Center and has post-ride chili and snacks for riders as they return. Sunday event.

May 4th – The Green Mountain 200k (aka Bakery Brevet) starting from Middlesex, VT.  About 20% dirt.  Come enjoy some gravel roads in central VT.

May 11th – The 50 Barns 300k and Royal Athols 200k. Both were new routes last year. The 50 Barns route is one of the best tours of Central MA. It passes south of the Quabbin with a stop in Amherst and loops north of the Reservoir on the return. The Royal Athols brevet is a counter clockwise loop with a nice lunch in Peterham.

PORTLAND FLECHE AND TRACE! – Weekend of May 16-19th. By popular demand, the Fleche and Trace are going back to Portland! These are super fun team events where groups of riders design their own routes to Portland. The Fleche is exactly 24 hours and 360km and the Trace is 200km+.

Want to See NER events appear automatically in the your calendar? Want to find one of the thousands of Permanents and other RUSA events happening in New England and elsewhere in the US? Try to recently updated Geosearch Tool.

A few off-season things!

NER Board election: stay tuned!   If you would like to run, please contact the board.    But RUSA elections have opened; please do check them out at https://rusa.org/pages/Election2024

A last-call for ordering 2023 medals has been put out (November 10th) – if you want any, order NOW.

Finally, I (Sarah) am going to try to catch up with the backlog of sending cards back to people during some vacation time in December – if your address has changed since the most recent NER ride you finished, and you would like your cards, please get in touch!