MA 300k/200k – Connecticut River/Tweedo’s Revenge Routes

NOTE: information below has not yet been updated for 2023!  Please check back for updated information closer to the ride date.

Ride Information

Start/Finish Location: TBD, likely 300 Baker Ave Extension, Concord, MA (See below for specifics)
300k Start Time: TBA, likely 5am
200k Start Time: TBA, likely 7am
Length: 311k / 193mi or 211k / 131mi
Time Limit: 20 Hours (300k) or 13.5 Hours (200k)
Ride Leader: Jake Kassen & Chip Coldwell
Lighting: Lights & reflective gear required for BOTH distances.
Controls: Ashburnham (2&3),
Sanctioning: ACP
300k Map, Track, and Cue:  TBA
200k Map, Track, and Cue: TBA
Registration:  TBA


A blast from the past! For a little variety this PBP year, we’re likley going back to the Connecticut River route from ~2013-2017.    Details on the exact route to be added to this page later.

Parking/Start Location: 300 Baker Ave Extension parking lot. Park away from the hotel.

300 Baker Ave Extension Map – Click to enlarge

Lighting and Reflective Gear: Sunset is at 8:05pm. All riders (both distances) finishing after 7:30pm MUST BE WEARING REFLECTIVE GEAR AND LIGHTS. Riders will be checked at the start to ensure they start regulation safety gear and must use said gear starting with sundown.

Controls: NER supported control in Holland, MA (300k Only) Other locations are at local merchant where water and snacks can be purchased.

Dirt & Pavement Conditions: Both distances are fully paved, however poor pavement will be found in many sections.

Route Overview

Leg 1 (200k, 300k) – It wouldn’t be a 300k without a stop at the famous Tweedo’s so that’s where riders will head. With the new start location in Concord it’s quicker to get to Ashburnham so no more stopping at the Dunkin’ in Harvard. Riders will leave out the back of the office park, cut through West Concord (last chance for snacks) and take the traditional roads to South Action before heading northwest. Much of this section is similar to previous years which is to say rural and hilly. Yes, Cushing (CRushing) hill remains perhaps steepest climb of the ride but it’s also pretty short.

More to come!

So why should you ride the 300k?

  • All scenic back roads
  • Lots of climbing and a few great views.
  • Most controls are small stores.
  • Gorgeous rural MA scenery.

Photos from 2017

Anyone know the story behind this house in Lunenburg?
Wildflowers in Bloom
You’re at the top of a climb when you see this.
One of several farm stands off Williamsville Road in Hubardstron.
Be Alert! (But for what?) This is a chicken coop owned by the Country Hen (local egg producer) which both distances pass.
Headed into Princeton
Calm waters in Harvard
Riders come across this maze of short trees on Gilbert Rd about 7 miles after leaving Petersham. This is one of the few sites which is more interesting to see via satellite. (Click the photo for a link to Google Satellite for this site.)
Rider and NER Board Member Emily O’Brien stops on the Tully Dam on the 300k
Petersham Gazebo Control
Quabbin (via one of the Fishing Sites)


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This ride report refers to the 2013 version which goes to Northfield and Sunderland, MA.
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This ride report refers to the 2012 version of the 300k which heads out to Warwick & Wendell, MA. In 2012 riders experienced unrelenting rain and cold throughout the entire ride. This was a difficult event for even the strongest of riders.
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If you’d like to see your ride report listed here, please send the text or a link to the NER webmaster.