Using eBrevet as proof of passage

Icon for the eBrevet application

For some NER events, we’re using a free system called “eBrevet” developed by Chris Nadovich with the Pennsylvania Randonneurs. This system is an alternative to sending photos or a GPS route to the ride organizer. It is optional but strongly preferred and recommended on events where it is being used. You can turn your phone off entirely between controls to save power if desired and the app can be used without cell phone reception as it stores your location and uploads when you next have service. (The app will require location/GPS data to be enabled when at controls.)

Instructions for NER events are listed below and more comprehensive instructions are available.

Initial Setup Instructions

Please complete the below steps ASAP once you have registered for a ride!

1. Download the “eBrevet” app on the Apple Store or Android Play. The open-source app is free. There are no ads or 3rd party tracking. (The app icon is shown at the top of this page.)

2. Launch the app and give it permission to use your location, if requested. Enter in your name and RUSA number as prompted. (Please double check your RUSA number is correct.)

3. Important: Open the settings menu from the top right and click the “Event Info Source” option. For “Brevet Region” select “MA: Boston” for all New England Randonneurs events. If you do not complete this step, you will not see NER events listed.

4. Click the back button (←) to save the region selection and click “Update Event Data” from the main screen. You should now see upcoming NER events that have been configured for ebrevet usage.

Usage During a Brevet

1. On the morning of the event, select the distance you plan to ride and select the “Ride” button.

2. Enter your personal Brevet Start Code. This can be found in your brevet card and/or from the volunteer who is checking in riders. Note: Enter this code in as soon as you are given your brevet card. You do not need to wait for the ride to begin.

3. When you arrive at a control, open the app and select the “GPS Update” button to check-in. You are only able to check into a control when you are physically at that location so do not forget to complete this step! (This takes the place of receipts or photos.) If you do not have cell reception, you can still check-in and upload that verification later once you have service.

4. At the finish, the eBrevet app will provide a code, provided you checked-in to all the controls with the app. Write this code in the brevet card and give it to the volunteer. You must physically give your brevet card to the volunteer at the end of the event for your completion to be official.

Important: If you do not plan to finish within the time limit, you must call the volunteer via the phone number listed on the brevet card. The phone number can also be found by selecting the information (“i”) button in the app next to the event. Using the app is not a substitute for informing the organizer you are are not finishing.