New to New England Randonneurs? Welcome!

This page is a quick-start for the basics of participating in our events.

At its core, Randonnneuring is a form of long distance, non-competitive, endurance cycling. For an overview of the sport and more information about New England Randonneurs, visit the About NER page. Above all else, know that NER welcomes everyone!

First, find events you might want to ride. Check out our calendar of events (updated yearly in January and as needed) and visit event detail pages. Event details are generally updated a few weeks before each event and the distance and date won’t change once announced. Late breaking event changes will be posted to NER’s homepage, the event page, and emailed to registered riders.

You can also search the RUSA calendar to find NER events as well as events organized by neighboring organizations (regions).

NER’s “peak season” is March – June with additional events offered throughout the year.

Registration for all events is required and opens 2-4 weeks before the event date. The registration link is found on the ride detail page once registration opens. Unless otherwise noted, events do not have a rider limit so don’t worry about losing your spot. (Longer events may have limits on optional things such as reserved motel rooms.) Registration generally closes 24-48 hours before the event. Keep in mind there is no day-of-event registration so make sure you register before the deadline.

Event fees start at $10 and generally increase in $5 increments based on distance. A Season Pass is also available for those who plan to ride many events.

Rides have little to no support — most riders will purchase additional food & water at local shops during the event. You should plan on being able to find your own way home if you can’t continue. The number of participants varies considerably. Shorter events will generally get 20-60+ riders.

Want to ride right away or train for the longer events? Check out RUSA’s permanent program. Permanents are Randonneuring style rides that can be attempted at any time by individual riders. Perms near you can also be found on the search page above.

If you have not done so already, make sure you are a RUSA Member. Current RUSA membership is required for all NER events.

NER Membership is separate from RUSA membership and is optional but encouraged. Membership keeps NER organization going, keeps riders informed, and determines NER’s leadership via annual elections. Members are also eligible for swag (water bottles, patches, jerseys, etc) when available.

New riders should review our lengthy Question and Answers page for lots of additional information. You’ll find answers to questions such as “Who can Participate“, “Which bike to ride and supplies to bring“, and “Lighting/Reflectivity requirements” among many topics. The ride detail pages will list specific considerations for that event, if any.

How to stay informed: The best way of staying up to date is by visiting the NER webpage every few weeks, particularity a few weeks before the events you are interested in riding. NER also has a Google Group & Mailing List which is a great place to ask questions and hear about upcoming events.

NER members receive periodic email notices when new events are announced and other changes made.

By registering for an event you’ll receive details from the ride leader. Most events send out a message a day or two before the ride and when changes occur.

Have more questions? Please contact us!