March 2021 Update

Hey NERds! Happy March! This month is like 3:45am on a 600k. It’s cold, you’re tired, and worn out. But you can see some light on the horizon from the coming sunrise. Soon it will be light, the temperature will rise, and you’ll find your legs. But you’ve still got another 30 miles to the control.

      The NER Board is closely monitoring the health guidance New across England and we’re eager to resume brevets when it’s appropriate. We think that time is close but don’t want to speculate further. Until other information is posted, please assume in-person events are postponed. But please do join us for our very first..

        NER Perm Day! April 3rd 2021. NER Riders each pick a RUSA Permanent and ride it on April 3rd. Any official RUSA perm counts. In the evening we’ll gather virtually on Zoom to discuss our rides and have a celebratory drink. (This takes the place of the brevet scheduled for that day.) More info here.

          Brevets in April and onward: While we are not canceling scheduled events at this time, they are on hold until further notice. We full anticipate group events (Perms, Pops, etc) later in 2021 when allowed by public health guidelines.

            Fleche/Trace: These events will be moved to the weekend of September 25th. Destination is tentatively Brattleboro, VT. ACP is allowing groups to alter the date in 2021 so riders will still receive ACP credit.

              Other Notes:

                Riders must be current RUSA members for all of our in-person events. Please consider joining or renewing your RUSA membership now.

                  NER membership is optional for participation in all events, although we’re always happy to have more members. The membership fee is $10 in 2021. If you joined in 2020, you automatically have your membership carried until the end of 2021.

                    At this time we do not expect to charge fees to ride a NER event in 2021 apart from the required RUSA membership. On-route services may be reduced from previous years as a result.

                    Tentative 2021 Schedule

                    NER is back in 2021! Specific details are TBD but we intend to offer Brevets and Pops in 2021, one way or another.

                    Below is the NER schedule as of Jan 15th, 2021. Please note that this schedule may (and likely will) change as events are added, moved, and modified based on COVID guidance and volunteer availability. Registration links and details will be posted here a few weeks before each event. For more discussion and breaking news, join the NER Google Group & List.

                    April 3rdPERM DAY!Perm Day Info
                    April 18th200kFive Hills in NH
                    May 1st200kFive Hills in NH
                    May 15th200kBakery Brevet
                    May 22nd200kProvidence-Duxbury-Plymouth-Providence
                    May 30th300kMidcoast Maine 300km
                    June 19th100k Perm and 400k BrevetOh Canada 400km
                    July 10th400kPortland Express
                    Sept 11th200 & 600kTBA
                    Sept 12th200kTBA
                    Sept 25th
                    (New Date)
                    Fleche (360k+) & Trace (200k+) Team Weekend!Tentative Destination: Brattleboro, VT
                    Dec 11th100kBumblebee 100km

                    Note that a current Randonneurs USA Membership will be required for all events.

                    2020 Season has been Cancelled

                    We are sorry to announce that the remainder of the 2020 season has been canceled due to COVID-19. We had hoped to offer limited events in a revised format but as the pandemic progresses even that is no longer feasible. NER isn’t going away and we look forward to resuming normal Brevets in 2021.

                    Edit from Sarah: The new Permanents Program has arrived.  There is a $10/year additional cost (payable via PayPal) for joining the program, and then no cost beyond that for individual rides. See the link on the RUSA site for instructions.   Over a dozen routes in New England are already up.  Anyone who was a perm owner in the old system and would like their routes resubmitted for the new program but who doesn’t have the time/energy/know-how to set them up can contact Sarah.

                    In the meantime, keep an eye on the RUSA website as the Permanent program is expected to be restarted within the next few weeks. Permanents follow similar rules to Brevets but can be ridden solo on the rider’s schedule. One of the big revisions to the Perm program is that routes are stored in RideWithGPS and riders are able to certify the route entirely with GPS data or digital photos if the rider chooses. The new Perm program will be managed centrally by RUSA as opposed to directly with the route owner as in the past. More details are at the RUSA website.

                    In other good news, NER has a new domain! You can now reach this website by going to (yes, that’s a valid site). is easier to remember and much quicker to type. You can still find this page at and even if you haven’t updated your bookmarks since 2008.

                    Keep riding and keep safe. We’ll be back!