Early Spring Events

April 1st — No joke, it’s the date of our annual 100k to Sterling, MA. The route was updated in 2022 and will be used again in 2023. This hilly RUSA populaire starts and ends from the Lincoln, MA MBTA station complete with a supermarket and cafe for after-ride snacks. Like all NER events, it’s held rain or shine and we’ve had years with plenty of both. It’s a nice way to start the season.

April 22ndNER’s second ACP 200k of the year and the first leaving from Concord, Massachusetts. The route is expected to be the same save a slight shift in the location of the DCR Purgatory Chasm control. It’s a quiet and hilly route to the base of Mt. Wachusett, through the central town of Oakham, and south to Sutton, MA. Controls are fully supported (pending volunteer availability) which is helpful as riders pass few stores along this back-road route.

Regarding to volunteer, please contact ride leader Tsun Au Yeung if you would like to be an event day volunteer for the ride to staff one of the controls.  As always, volunteers can pre-ride the route for credit up to two weeks ahead of the ride, so you don’t have to choose between riding and volunteering!

May 6th The Vermont Green Mountain 200k (ACP sanctioned), also known as the Bakery Brevet for the various delicious options along the route.   This ride has some gorgeous gravel backroads (about 25% of the route), a challenging (paved) gap climb, and is a perennial favorite of many.

May 13thNER ACP Sanctioned 300k & 200k. All new routes for 2023! The 300k makes a clockwise route to Rutland, Hardwick, Ware, Amherst, Northfield, Ashburnham, Ayer, and back to Concord. It’s a 190 loop around the Quabbin. Intermediate controls are spaced at exactly 30 mile intervals. The 200k is a counter-clockwise route past the famous Tweedo’s before making a shortcut through Athol and tasty lunch at the Petersham General store. More info coming soon.

May 19th Team Event Weekend! – These is the only Fleche and Trace offered in New England. Riders form small groups and design their own unique route starting from anywhere and finishing in Medford, MA. We’ll have a big pancake brunch at Jake & Emily’s house on Sunday, May 21st. For many riders this is their cycling highlight of the year. You get to ride with friends for 24 hours continuously (Fleche) on a route selected by the group. We’ve had teams start outside NYC, in Canada, and Provincetown. Or teams can start closer to the finish and ride a large loop.

Tip: You can automatically sync your calendar to NER’s schedule of events and know instantly when a new one is added. Just copy the following URL into your calendar’s “URL Subscribe” feature: https://rusa.jkassen.org/cal/MABoston

If you want even more riding, consider RUSA’s Permanent program. This is a library of thousands of randonneuring routes nationwide including several dozen in New England. Riders get RUSA distance “credit” for completing these routes and they can be ridden at any time. There’s a new search tool to help riders find routes close to their home. The tool is also useful for finding brevets offered by other RUSA regions.

Come to the NER PBP & Start-of-Year Social!

On Monday, March 6 from 6-8pm at Medford Brewing Company NER is hosting a Start-of-Year social gathering with a specific Q & A session for those considering Paris-Brest-Paris in August of 2023. Everyone is invited! The Beer is free and cold, the pizza free and hot!

    This gathering is open to everyone: New riders who’ve never ridden with NER and seasoned old randos who’ve been riding brevets since before RUSA was born.

      The Brewery is located at 30 Harvard Ave, Medford MA. It’s about a block away from the Medford Commuter Rail stop (Lowell Line).

        If planning to attend, please complete this RSVP Form.

        Also note some late additions to the NER Calendar. Our Traditional 100k to Sterling, MA and back will be April 1st. We’ve also added a 300k on September 16th.

        Welcome to 2023, NER!

        The site has been updated with the 2023 calendar!   Some news for riders:

        • If you haven’t already, renew or join RUSA.  All riders must have a current RUSA membership, and it can take several days for a new rider’s membership to process (up to a couple of weeks if paying by mailed check) – please renew/join in time; we do not want to have to turn anyone away from an event.
        • We’ll have an Info Session and Party on Monday, March 6 from 6-8 at Medford Brewing Company. Come share tips, hear from veteran randonneurs and PBP anciens, and hang out with your fellow cyclists!
        • You can now order NER jerseys and other clothing! Order at our club Voler store anytime before February 20th. Voler will ship each order individually, on or before March 31.
        • NER Club Membership and Season Passes can be purchased via BikeReg. If you were a volunteer last year, you get free membership and season pass this year! Contact us for details.
        • Additional events with RUSA sanctioning can be added to the calendar throughout the year.  Check back often, and if you are interested in running an event please contact us (use the “Contact NER” link above).
        • We have a Google Group and a FaceBook group where riders are welcome to chat and share information.
        • There is a group of RUSA folks putting together a potential bag drop for RUSA riders at PBP.  Please see this page for more information and a survey they are asking any interested riders to fill out so they can make more detailed plans.

        Please note: Individual ride pages generally still show last year’s information and will be updated closer to the ride dates.