Clarification/Reminder on RUSA Membership

There’s a small update to NER policies and RUSA membership: you must have your permanent (digits only, not starting with T) RUSA membership in order to start an NER event. We don’t want to have to turn anyone away, but we will do so if we can’t verify your membership. If you are planning to ride this coming weekend, the time to check your RUSA membership is RIGHT NOW.

You can check your membership at RUSA’s site and you can also join or renew your membership there. Please note that you cannot join RUSA on BikeReg/Outside — you must go to the RUSA site.

If you are joining or renewing to ride a ride within the next few weeks, you should pay with PayPal as checks can get delayed in the mail.

This is an administrative requirement of RUSA for us to be accredited to put on events. If the cost of joining RUSA plus the cost of attending your first event is prohibitive to you joining us, please do contact us; we don’t want cost to stop someone from trying the sport!

Registration Open for All Events Prior to August

NER is back! After an abbreviated season in 2021 and no rides in 2020, we’re looking forward to resuming our traditional schedule of events.

Riders can now register for NER’s most of the spring and early summer events of 2022:  Ware’s Quabbin/Mimi Hardwick 300/200km (May 14th), Team Events on Weekend of May 20th,  Maine Midcoast 300k, the Portland Express/Daytrip Rides (June 18th), and the Dirt Populaire East Barnard Gravel 100km (June 25th), and the White Mountain Getaway 600km (July 9 to 10).  Look for the registration link on each of the event pages to register via BikeReg. Registration for remainder events in the late summer/early fall will open by early July.  

Note that Registration closes 24-48 hours before each event and there is no day-of-event registration so don’t forget to register before the deadline. RUSA membership is also required for all events so make sure you’re current for 2022.

Riders can also become members of New England Randonneurs! NER yearly membership supports our events and in 2022 members will receive a free NER water bottle at the start of their first ride of the year.

Planning on riding many NER events in 2022? Consider a Season-Pass. You’ll still need to register for each event you plan to ride but you’ll only pay once and it’s a nice discount vs a paid membership for every event. The season pass can be purchased on the same BikeReg page as NER Membership. (Membership not required.)

Brevet Cards in 2022: For most events riders will receive a traditional paper brevet card. Please keep this card with you during the ride and return it to the organizer at the finish. For proof of passage at intermediate controls, riders can choose to: Get their card initialed, get a receipt at the control store (if applicable), record a GPS track, or take a time-stamped photo of their bike at the control.

NER Welcomes 2022!

Here’s hoping for an exciting and enjoyable year of Randonneuring! Many new and classic events are in the works for events starting in the early Spring.

    Details on the NER 2022 Membership, a season pass, etc will be posted a few weeks before the first event, currently scheduled for March 5th.

      A 2022 calendar for RUSA approved events can be found on NER’s results page. Details for these events will be added to the list on the right column a few weeks before each event and updated periodically.

        As a reminder, a good place to discuss upcoming events and other randonneuring topics is NER’s Discussion List/Group.