Fleche & Trace this weekend!

PORTLAND FLECHE AND TRACE! – Weekend of May 16-19th. By popular demand, the Fleche and Trace are going back to Portland! These are super fun team events where groups of riders design their own routes to Portland. The Fleche is exactly 24 hours and 360km and the Trace is 200km+.

Late applications will be considered, apply via the form and email Jake (jakekassen at gmail) to discuss.

Results from all NER Brevets March – May 2024 are available at results.ner.bike.

See sidebar for events in June and later this year.

Want to See NER events appear automatically in the your calendar? Want to find one of the thousands of Permanents and other RUSA events happening in New England and elsewhere in the US? Try to recently updated Geosearch Tool.

A few off-season things!

NER Board election: stay tuned!   If you would like to run, please contact the board.    But RUSA elections have opened; please do check them out at https://rusa.org/pages/Election2024

A last-call for ordering 2023 medals has been put out (November 10th) – if you want any, order NOW.

Finally, I (Sarah) am going to try to catch up with the backlog of sending cards back to people during some vacation time in December – if your address has changed since the most recent NER ride you finished, and you would like your cards, please get in touch!

November ride/party and NER 2024 Schedule!

News #1: End-of-year Annual Meeting/Party, and ride on November 4th! Come for the ride, the party, or both!  Starting and finishing at Jake’s house in Medford, and we’ll have a virtual meeting option for the official annual meeting part.  (Sign up for the free party-only option on BikeReg to get the Zoom link emailed to you.)

News #2: The 2024 Schedule is being added to the website!  Links current still lead to a previous years’ page for the event, and registration pages aren’t live yet, but should give riders an idea of what the event will look like.   Each page will be updated with this year’s details as start times and route tweaks are finalized.

We have a new addition to the NER schedule this year: a late summer/fall “mini-series” (200k, 300k, 400k) for riders who would like to try randonneuring with a summer’s training in their legs (and for anyone who would like to ride later into the season).   Routes are still tentative for some of these events.

There’s also been some interest/questions about reviving the monthly 100k training series; while we are not currently calendaring a training series, the new Permanent program at RUSA is very simple to sign up for.  (If there are past NER routes not in the system that people would like to see added, please let us know!)  We encourage riders who want to do more shorter training rides to sign up for permanents together, and use the Google Group/email list to coordinate.