June and July Events

As we get into prime summer, NER has several longer events plus some new shorter options.

June 15th – Midcoast Maine 300k: (Registration closes June 13th @ 23:59) Another Maine event! This route starts in Portland and transverses the coast and inland areas headed North. It’s a constantly rolling route but no hill is steep.

June 29th – White Mountain Getaway 600k: (Registration closes Monday, June 24th) NER’s longest event in 2024. This route starts in Woburn, MA, passes over the Kancamagus and has an overnight near Portland before heading back to Woburn.

July 13th – Providence 100k: After three events in Maine, we’re heading back south to Providence, RI for a 100k. More details available soon.

Waiver emails

RUSA has updated the waiver for events, and I’m updating BikeReg.  People already signed up for events will get an email to re-sign the waiver digitally; please do so.  (If you’re curious, the change is that the COVID-19 verbiage has been reduced to being listed in the general event hazards rather than being a separate bullet point.)

(For event organizers with BikeReg access: please update the waiver when creating new events by copying old ones — you can contact me (Sarah) if you need the new one.)

A few off-season things!

NER Board election: stay tuned!   If you would like to run, please contact the board.    But RUSA elections have opened; please do check them out at https://rusa.org/pages/Election2024

A last-call for ordering 2023 medals has been put out (November 10th) – if you want any, order NOW.

Finally, I (Sarah) am going to try to catch up with the backlog of sending cards back to people during some vacation time in December – if your address has changed since the most recent NER ride you finished, and you would like your cards, please get in touch!