NER Members Ride Free!

We’re pleased to announce that NER has revised the Membership policies to show our appreciation to the volunteers who make NER events possible and to encourage more people to help out. Starting in 2012 we’re waiving the entry fee for all events for NER Members. All we ask is that members inform the ride leader or RBA of your intention to ride the event by the preceding Tuesday.

As in the past, NER Membership is only available to those who are willing to volunteer for at least one event. Volunteer duties include staffing a control, leading an event, verifying the route cue, delivering supplies, etc. While many volunteer duties preclude riding on the day of the event, volunteers can pre-ride an event up to two weeks in advance and still receive RUSA/ACP credit.

In addition to agreement to volunteer, a 2012 NER membership cost $25.

To become a Member, download and fill out the Membership Form (PDF) and mail it with a check.

In early March a form will be posted here to allow Members to let the Boston and Vermont ride leaders know if you are planning on riding an event.

Membership Fine Print: If you aren’t able to commit to volunteering on at least one event, please do not apply to become a member. The membership discount is only good for member themselves, not their spouse, children, etc. The Fleche entry fee still applies unless all team members are also NER members. Members who do not notify the ride leader or RBA on the Tuesday before an event will be asked to pay the day-of registration surcharge of $5/$10.

2012 Schedule Announced

The 2012 Schedule has been finalized. Mark your calendars!

We’re still working out the details so check back soon. Highlights include a slight revision to the Boston 200k and 600k routes plus an entirely new Boston 300k. Our Fleche will end in Portland ME this year. Mike is back with his excellent Vermont including another running of the highly praised Vermont 600k which debuted last year. Registration will be open starting in February.

2011 Results Posted

The full 2011 Results for the Boston and VT Events has been posted to the Historical results page. Direct Link: 2011 NER Results.

Here are some meaningless stats from the 2011 season:

Number of Events: 11 + Fleche
Total Riders: 138
Countries Represented: 2
States/Providences Riders Represented: 13

Total Finishes: 243
Total DNFs: 30
Total DNSs: 29
Average number of events per rider: 1.75

Finisher breakdown per event and collective distance traveled:
 – MA 100k: 53 finishers – 5,300k (3,293 miles)
 – MA 200k: 53 finishers – 10,600k (5,686 miles)
 – MA 300k: 37 finishers – 11,100k (6,897 miles)
 – MA 400k: 30 finishers – 12,000k (7,456 miles)
 – MA 600k: 20 finishers – 12,000k (7,456 miles)
 – VT Early 200k: 8 finishers – 1,600k (994 miles)
 – VT 300k: 9 finishers – 2,700k (1,677 miles)
 – VT 400k: 7 finishers – 2,800k (1,739 miles)
 – VT 600k: 19 finishers – 11,400k (7,083 miles)
 – VT Late 200k: 4 finishers – 800k (497 miles)
 – VT 114k: 3 finishers – 342k (212 miles)

Total distanced traveled by finishers: 70,556k (43,841 miles).
Sum of time spent riding events: 3,808 Hours (159 days or 22 weeks)
Average distance traveled by NER finishers in 2011: 290k
Average Speed of the NER finisher: 11.5mph / 18.5kph

Cumulative time breakdown per event:
– MA 100k: 276 hours. (Average Speed: 11.9mph)
– MA 200k: 485 hours (Average Speed: 11.7mph)
– MA 300k: 609 hours (Average Speed: 11.3mph)
– MA 400k: 597 hours (Average Speed: 12.5mph)
– MA 600k: 718 hours (Average Speed: 10.4mph)
– VT Early 200k: 97 hours (Average Speed 10.2mph)
– VT 300k: 141 hours (Average Speed: 11.9mph)
– VT 400k: 160 hours (Average Speed: 10.9mph)
– VT 600k: 653 hours (Average Speed: 10.8mph)
– VT Late 200k: 50 hours (Average Speed: 9.9mph)
– VT 114k: 22 hours (Average Speed 9.6mph)

For comparison, The Adventure Cycling Association routes for the US perimeter (mainland) amount to 11,832 miles. NER riders collectively circled the US about 4 times in 159 days. Alternatively you can think of us circling the earth 1.75 times. Go NERds!.