Boston 600k Route Verification Need

From the desk of NER’s new volunteer coordinator, Emily O’Brien:

“This year’s 600k route will be different [from 2011 route] because we can’t use the Sandgate control as a sleep stop. But there are some new sections that need checking out in person to make sure the cuesheet is accurate, make notes about signage and landmarks as necessary, check that giant road construction hasn’t suddenly appeared, etc. The section in question goes from Pittsfield, MA to Brattleboro, VT to Amherst, MA to Willington, CT. Very pleasant, scenic, etc. If you’re interested in checking out part or all of it, contact the volunteer coordinator or the RBA via the contact page.

Although pre-ride credit is not available (it’s too soon for that) this a great way to get a sense for what a good chunk of the ride will be like. If you’re apprehensive about your first 600k, for example, here’s an opportunity to get familiar with some of it. And your fellow riders will thank you for all the places that the cuesheet says “no sign” or “turn at the funny-looking house” or “turn is halfway down the descent!” because someone actually went there instead of taking the map’s word for it.”

Please contact Emily if you are interested in helping out with any of the NER events.