Route Issue with Newport 300km cause change of venue for the event

To those who may look to register for the ACP 300km Ride on 9/16/2023 (Updated on Aug 13, 2023):

There is an on-going issue with the Mt. Hope Bridge plus there is a resource issue as well compounding the issue that we have decided to change the location of the ACP 300km along with the route.

We are going to use the Mid-Coast Maine Route for the Sep 16 ACP 300km ride. We apologize for any inconvenience to anyone who have registered for the ride or plan to do the Newport ride.  If you want to exert your frustration toward the change of venue, please write to RI-DOT and complain to them so there may be another voice to straighten out whether bicyclist belong or not belong on Mt. Hope Bridge.

Best Regards,

Tsun Au Yeung

Club President of NER