Register for Centennial 400km O Canada Route

NOTE: We’re aware that a lot of roads are currently closed in VT and are figuring out if anything needs to change with this ride!  We will keep riders posted when we have the final route, but we expect to run the event on the scheduled day, with route tweaks as necessary.

July 22nd: O Canada Centennial 400k (ACP Certified) Celebrating 100 years since the first ACP 400k, this event also falls at a great time for a last long pre-PBP event.  Bring your climbing legs and your swimsuit for the swimming hole at the northern turnaround!   This event starts in Woodstock, VT.  There is no rider limit but the special anniversary medals are only guaranteed for the first 25 riders to register.

Finalized route detail will be available by Friday Morning July 21, 2023. A BikeReg Email will be send out to all registered riders on the morning of 7/21/2023 detailing if there’s any change.  Ride leader Jas will drive the route on Thursday 7/20/2023 and do final adjustment if any.

Go to BikeReg to register today (Registration Close on Thursday 7/20/2023)