Bag Drop for 2023 PBP rider survey

The Northern California/Davis Randonneurs RBA, Deb Banks, and three others (Mark Behning, Eric Norris and Bill Green) will be providing a Bag Drop service for PBP in 2023. They are asking potentially interested PBP riders to fill out a survey to estimate interest.   The words below come from Deb — please read on and fill out the survey if you would be interested in this service!

Between us there are at least 14 PBP’s, so we know what it takes to complete this fantastic riding event, and for me, a Bag Drop service was pivotal to completing the event (anyone remember 2007? Oof!). It is a way for the four of us to be a part of the Big Dance and volunteer providing a service for riders that can aid them in completion.

We have a plan, but at this juncture we are asking for you to distribute this Interest form to your riders. We’d like to get some feedback and the simple questions on the form ask what location they’d want a bag drop and how much they might pay for such a service, plus we are gathering names and emails to be able to send out a true registration when the time comes as we get closer to August.
We are NOT providing the type of service that shuttles bags to hotels along the course, or picks them up and drops them off at a host of hotels prior to the start. Our plan is to be at the check-in location, collect bags, take them to identified locations on the course, watch them for riders, and then return them to the check-in area at the end of the ride. Simple and straightforward.
I am asking that you please send this to your riders so that they can send in their interest and feedback to me.