Clarification/Reminder on RUSA Membership

There’s a small update to NER policies and RUSA membership: you must have your permanent (digits only, not starting with T) RUSA membership in order to start an NER event. We don’t want to have to turn anyone away, but we will do so if we can’t verify your membership. If you are planning to ride this coming weekend, the time to check your RUSA membership is RIGHT NOW.

You can check your membership at RUSA’s site and you can also join or renew your membership there. Please note that you cannot join RUSA on BikeReg/Outside — you must go to the RUSA site.

If you are joining or renewing to ride a ride within the next few weeks, you should pay with PayPal as checks can get delayed in the mail.

This is an administrative requirement of RUSA for us to be accredited to put on events. If the cost of joining RUSA plus the cost of attending your first event is prohibitive to you joining us, please do contact us; we don’t want cost to stop someone from trying the sport!