Fleche & Trace on Sept 25th

The popular Fleche and Trace team events are scheduled for a very rare late September offering with the destination being Brattleboro, VT. The events happen on the weekend of September 25th.

    Next year the events will go back to their traditional May timeline so if you’ve been wanting to try a team event when the weather is a bit warmer, this would be a good year. Electronic Proof of Passage is acceptable so the events can be done with little contact with people outside the team if desired.

      The events in a nutshell: The Fleche & Trace are team events where riders form teams of 3-5 bikes for the Fleche or 2-6 for the Trace. For the Fleche, teams have *exactly* 24 hours to ride a 360km+ route of their own design with no stop being longer than 2 hours. For the Trace, the route is between 200-360km but teams can may stop for as long as they’d like, including riding the event over the course of two days. Both events end in Brattleboro, VT and start from any location the team chooses.

        Many people find these events to be the most enjoyable of the Randonneuring offerings. You have fun riding with friends and the route can be as challenging or easy as you desire.

          More information including registration.