Registration open for the 600k and 2x200k

Please note: Registration deadline for the 600k and the 2x200k option with a room is August 26th. Bikereg highlights the last deadline, which is the one for the 2x200k without lodging (September 3rd). (This is the deadline for our rate block at the hotel, which is why it’s early.)

Registration for the 600k and 2x200k is open. We’ve set up a waitlist and should be able to move people off it as we book more rooms; please go ahead and register if you’re planning to ride so we can make sure everyone who wants one has a room; if you’re on the waitlist we’ll double-check before moving you off that you can still make it.

Anyone choosing the double-occupancy NER-booked rooms for the 2x200k or 600k must be vaccinated, for the safety of your roommate.