PERM DAY 2021! – April 3rd 2021

Permanent Day 2021 is an early season gathering of NER riders to get on the road while not being constrained to just one route and with the benefit of keeping distances for COVID reasons.

In the evening we’ll all come together at 7:30pm for a zoom gathering to discuss our rides, much like we would at the end of a Brevet.

We hope this format is enjoyable and may be something which becomes an annual occurrence even once group rides are fully reinstated.

For more information about RUSA Permanents, visit the perm info page on the RUSA website.

To participate:

Step 1: Become a RUSA Member ($35/year) and register to participate in the RUSA Permanent Program ($25/year).

Step 2: Select a permanent and register to ride on April 3rd, 2021. Any official permanent counts! Riders are welcome to choose their own perms, someone else’s perm, and perms outside of New England.

Step 3:
Register for the NER Perm Day event. We’ll announce the rider statistics in the zoom gathering.

Step 4: Ride the perm! Like all RUSA events, permanents are non-competitive and riders shouldn’t feel obligated to finish the ride if you encounter difficulties. Everyone is welcome at our evening gathering.

Step 5: Grab the beverage of your choice and log into Zoom at the meeting link sent to riders in the morning of April 3rd. The party begins at 7:30pm.

Question & Answers:

Wait, aren’t permanents owned by individual riders? No, starting in late 2020 the Randonneurs USA Permanent program changed considerably. Perms are now stored in a central repository on RWGPS. Riders register directly with RUSA and verification is handled online. Riders may choose to use electrical means of verification (photos, GPS tracks, etc). Perm cards and direct contact with others is optional.

Can I submit my own route? Yes! This is encouraged for those interested. RUSA tries to verify and approve perm route submissions quickly but if you wait until the week before NER Perm Day, RUSA may not be able to approve your route in time.

Can I ride in a group? Sure! Just make sure you follow RUSA Perm Rules: All riders must be current RUSA members and registered for the perm.

Do I need to attend the Zoom gathering? No, this is optional. If participating in PERM DAY please complete the NER registration form nevertheless so we know who’s riding.

Do I need to be a NER Member? Membership is appreciated but is not required for this event.

What is the cost?
NER is not charging any fees related to this event although RUSA membership and RUSA Permanent registration will be required. Together, those are $70 annually paid directly to RUSA.

There is a perm which passes close to my house. Can I start at a nearby control? Yes! Once registered for a perm you may start at any control and ride the route in any direction. You are also allowed to plot an alternate route between controls provided you meet or exceed the distance of the original route. Note that riders are not provided extra time or credited distance beyond what’s published for the route.