2020 Season has been Cancelled

We are sorry to announce that the remainder of the 2020 season has been canceled due to COVID-19. We had hoped to offer limited events in a revised format but as the pandemic progresses even that is no longer feasible. NER isn’t going away and we look forward to resuming normal Brevets in 2021.

Edit from Sarah: The new Permanents Program has arrived.  There is a $10/year additional cost (payable via PayPal) for joining the program, and then no cost beyond that for individual rides. See the link on the RUSA site for instructions.   Over a dozen routes in New England are already up.  Anyone who was a perm owner in the old system and would like their routes resubmitted for the new program but who doesn’t have the time/energy/know-how to set them up can contact Sarah.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the RUSA website as the Permanent program is expected to be restarted within the next few weeks. Permanents follow similar rules to Brevets but can be ridden solo on the rider’s schedule. One of the big revisions to the Perm program is that routes are stored in RideWithGPS and riders are able to certify the route entirely with GPS data or digital photos if the rider chooses. The new Perm program will be managed centrally by RUSA as opposed to directly with the route owner as in the past. More details are at the RUSA website.

In other good news, NER has a new domain! You can now reach this website by going to NER.bike (yes, that’s a valid site). NER.bike is easier to remember and much quicker to type. You can still find this page at NERandonneurs.org and even BostonBrevets.com if you haven’t updated your bookmarks since 2008.

Keep riding and keep safe. We’ll be back!