Vermont 200/300k Lake Champlain – June 8th 2013

Ride Information


Destination: Essex, NY
Start Location: The Old Spokes Home, Burlington, VT (Google Map)
Start Time: 06:00
Length: 200k / 126mi
Time Limit: 13.5 Hours 
Controls: Rouses Point, NY; Essex, NY
Sanctioning: RUSA
Cue Sheet: Preliminary cue sheets available to registered riders. Final and official cue sheets available at the ride start.
Registration: Register Online or Postal Registration (Editable PDF)
Lights: Recommended


Destination: Crown Point, NY
Start Location: The Old Spokes Home, Burlington, VT (Google Map)
Start Time: 06:00
Length: 300k / 188mi ~5600′ climbing
Time Limit: 20 Hours
Controls: Rouses Point, NY; Addison, VT; Hinesburg, VT
Sanctioning: RUSA
Cue Sheet: Preliminary cue sheets available to registered riders. Final and official cue sheets available at the ride start.
Registration: Register Online or Postal Registration (Editable PDF)
Lights: Required

Preliminary 200k Results

cert. no.RUSA #NameTime
RUSA-B086098394BERGSTROM, Sarah E 11:13
RUSA-B086087924CAIN, David E 12:21
RUSA-B08610CAMPAGNA, Maurice 10:06
RUSA-B08611CRYAN, Pat 10:56
RUSA-B08612DORVEL, Christin 13:00
RUSA-B08613DUMONT, Clint 10:01
RUSA-B08614GAYDOS, Steve 10:52
RUSA-B08615KENNEDY, Tim 10:06
RUSA-B086073467SARTORI, Philip 13:00
RUSA-B08616ST. ARMAND, Mike 10:06

Preliminary 300k Results

cert. no.RUSA #NameTime
RUSA-B086181258DANCY, Abram P 16:10
RUSA-B086225205DANCY, Leigh E 16:10
RUSA-B086203835DEMBINSKI, Jan P 13:18
RUSA-B086257887FONTANILLES, John 16:18
RUSA-B086236995LAVOIE, Steve 13:18
RUSA-B08626MEEHAN, Jeffrey 15:30
RUSA-B086273516MENNONA, Anthony 12:33
RUSA-B08619PERRY, Ry 13:18
RUSA-B086284348REUTER, James 16:05
RUSA-B08621229TANNER, Bradford 13:18
RUSA-B086177191TREFETHEN, Christine 16:05
RUSA-B086247805VANDERLIP, Aaron 15:52



A scenic tour around our almost great lake. Both distances follow the same route to Essex, NY, where 200k riders will cross Lake Champlain on the Essex-Charlotte Ferry.

The route tracks counter clockwise around Lake Champlain north out of Burlington and south from Rouses Point, NY. The terrain starts tame on quiet flat to rolling roads – and dramatically changes midway into the ride. Rolling hills become sharp climbs and fast descents between Plattsburgh and Crown Point, NY. A climb over the new Champlain Bridge brings riders to Vermont farm country and a change to rolling terrain back to Burlington.

There is a 200k and 300k version of this ride. The 200k takes an earlier ferry crossing. Riders must declare which distance they are riding at the start and will only receive credit if they complete that distance. Riders should bring cash for the ferry.