Volunteers Needed!

New England Randonneurs is an All-Volunteer organization and we need your help! If enjoy our Brevets, please consider helping in one or more of the ways below:

Pre-Riding Events: Our goal is to have one or several people ride each route one or two weeks before the event to ensure the route is still passable by bike, the cue sheet is correct, and to note hazards to look out for. This is a great way to still ride the route if you’re planning on helping during the actual event. Riders receive credit for pre-riding routes so long as they do so within 14 days of the event and follow brevet guidelines.

Leading a Ride: The ride leader serves a critical role in making events happen. Ride leaders cordonate other volunteers, deal with event paperwork, and respond to any problems that might arise durring an event.

Operating a Control: We want to have as many controls as possible staffed durring each event. The control staff signs brevet cards, put out food for riders, and often helps keep sprits high during difficult events. Many people find staffing controls and helping their fellow riders just as rewarding as riding the event themselves. For longer events, it helps to have several control volunteers who can trade off duties. Please contact the ride leader or the RBA regarding what controls need help.

Delivering Supplies: We need people to pick up and drop off control supplies and occasionally make runs to pick up additional items. This is a good way for friends of riders to be involved in the event.

Route Design: We are always looking for new and modified routes. Planning a several hundred mile bike route requires lots of scouring of maps and scouting locations. Even if you don’t want to lead the event yourself, you can help expand NER by finding new places to go and nice ways to riding there. For more information, contact the RBA or the Route Coordinator.

NER Board Member Positions: NER is run by a board of Volunteers. We have several opening and many of the positions (such as webmaster) can use assistance.