Supplies Needed for a NER Event

This list was originally put together by NER’s former RBA Tracey Ingle. This is a rough guide and volunteers should use their best judgement when buying supplies. Short or unsupported events will only need the paperwork.

If offering two distances on the same day RUSA considers these to be separate events. You need to keep the paperwork separate for these events — please use different colors for Brevet cards and control check in sheets if possible. The information below is for a single event; combine the needs of events that share a control.

Estimating Number of Riders: The total number of riders will generally be 1.5 times the number of pre-registered riders. Example: If an event has 20 people pre-registered, plan on 35 starters. Shorter rides in good weather attract a higher turnout; adjust the estimates accordingly.

Forms: Speak with the RBA or President for more info on the below.

  • Day-Of-Event (DOE) Check-in/Waiver Form for Pre-Registered Riders: One per event.
  • Brevet Cards for pre-registered riders: 1 per pre-reg.
  • DOE Registration Forms & Blank Brevet Cards: Bring twice the number of pre-registered riders per distance offered.
  • Cue Sheets:
    • A printing version with the ride leader’s cell phone number and info control questions listed. Make 3 copies for every pre-registered rider.
    • A downloadable version without the phone number or questions. Send this to the webmaster for posting.
  • Control Check-in sheets: One per event distance per control including finish.
  • RUSA Rules: Available online or print a copy to keep with the ride leader.

    Each fully supported control should have the following:

    Ideally have 2+ volunteers at each staffed control (including finish) if control is to be open for more then a few hours.

    Basic Supplies:

    • The rider check-in forms(s) for the volunteer use.
    • A portable canopy as needed.
    • 2-3 chairs as needed.
    • A bicycle pump.
    • Pre-filled plastic supply pack containing:
      • First aid kit
      • Sharp knife for cutting fruit
      • 2-3 butter knives for spreading
      • Sandwich sized zip-loc bags
      • Garbage bags
      • Salt
      • Tylenol/Ibuprofen
      • Sunscreen
      • Hand Sanitizer
    • Cutting board + serving trays for fruit.
    • Paper Towels: 2-3 rolls per checkpoint.
    • Folding Table(s)
    • Clipboard(s) w/ Gel ink pens for Volunteers.
    • A few extra cue sheets per control to give to riders if needed.


    • Provide a 5-Gallon water jug for every 15-20 riders. (Varies with heat and humidity)
    • If water can be obtained on-site, bring 2-3 empty jugs per control. Otherwise pre-fill and carefully transport.
    • 1-2 water jug spigot pumps
    • Disposable Plates, Bowls, Cups, and plastic cutlery if needed*.


    • Approx. 0.75 Bananas per rider per control.
    • 1 Watermellon per checkpoint per 30-35 riders if hot. (No melons if cold is predicted.)
    • Additional fresh fruit (Cantaloup, strawberries, Oranges, etc) if expecting high turn out and/or heat.
    • Peanut Butter*: 1-2 Jars per 5 loafs of bread per checkpoint
    • Jelly*: 1 Jar per 5 loafs of bread per checkpoint.
    • Nutella*: 1 jar per 5 loafs of bread at checkpoint.
    • Bread: 1 loaf per 6 Pre-registered riders per checkpoint. Arnold bread holds up well…
    • Cookies: Selection of fig newton-type cookies, creme sandwich, etc.
    • Selection of flavored and unflavored chips: 1 bag per 15 pre-registered riders.
    • Single bag of pretzels per control. (1 Bag goes a long way.)
    • Little Debbie style snackcakes — a few boxes per control.
    • 1-2 containers of sports drink mix* per control.
    • Single container of roasted peanuts.*

    *These products are often purchased in bulk at the beginning of the season. Check the storage shed for these products before buying in stores.

    Special Supplies:
    Consider providing a few of the below depending on the time of year, availability of volunteers, and needs of riders.

    • Hot Coffee and/or Hot Chocolate (The “box of joe” from Dunkin’ Donuts works well.)
    • Iced Coffee when hot.
    • Hot Baked Beans, vegetable soup, or other warmed food. (The storage shed has a propane camping-style cooktop.)
    • Hard Boiled eggs.
    • Pasta or Potato Salad.
    • Hard slicing meat such as summer sausage, salami, etc.
    • Cold Cuts for the turn-around control on longer events (300k+).
    • Mini payday or other small salty candy bars.
    • Pizza or lasagne at the sleep stop or finish control.
    • Cold Soda (Coke & Ginger Ale) when hot and/or at the finish control.
    • Cooler filled with ice.
    • Fried Rice or noodles.
    • Anything else easy to eat without preparation…