Vermont 400k News

Course check from this weekend is complete – the route is incredible – stringing together the nicest (and scenic, with climbing) N/S paved roads in central Vermont. Parts of the route are remote, with towns interspersed at regular intervals. Bring good lighting and a backup if you will be riding through the night – there is a good possibility that you may see moose inbound on Rt. 100.

Note that the last 85 miles will have limited services for late finishers. All convenience stores inbound on VT Rt. 100 close at 10pm – so please plan accordingly. The last control at Ludlow is a 24h gas station / convenience store and you may find other options open as you pass through town. (I can vouch for the taco place across the road – it was the dinner stop on my ’09 Fleche.)

Final cue should be done by Wednesday. Registered riders can email for the cue – mike (dot) beganyi (at) gmail (dot) com.

*Note the the VT rides are self supported with minimal NERds volunteers on course. I’ll be on course Saturday morning at the start and first control, and then see riders at the finish. Emergency telephone information will be on the cue sheet and the brevet card.