Mid-March 2011 Updates

From the Fashion Desk, Melinda Lyon writes:

The order has been placed and it should be in my hands at the end of March. I am hoping to have jerseys to sell/distribute at the 100K, if not the 200K. If you are something other than a man and medium or large you might want to reserve a jersey with me ahead of time with a check for 65 bucks. Ordering & design info on the merchandise page.

I will deliver at the ride and save you the shipping fee. Due to the small order, those who are not men and medium or large will see a smaller selection as I try to cover all of the rider size options.

Tracey Ingle, NER RBA writes:

For those of you planning to ride PBP this year, or even if there is a
slight remote possibility you’ll ride it, you’ll want to get your RUSA membership up to date at least two weeks before the 200k. The 200k is scheduled for April 2nd, so if you do the math. . . get that membership renewal or new member application in as soon as possible. I say to give a two week window so you can be sure your membership is in place at the time you ride the 200k.

This year PBP applications will be handled online only, directly with Audax Club Parisien. Technically RUSA membership is not required as it was in past years. However, you will need your homologation numbers from your qualifying brevets in order to complete your PBP application. These numbers are available through the RUSA website as a member benefit – for members only. Non-members’ homologation numbers are not available in this way.

If you participate in a qualifying brevet and you are not a RUSA member at the time of participation, you will have to contact the RBA (i.e., me) to get your homologation numbers. I don’t necessarily receive them immediately. In fact, there can be delays of up to several weeks before I receive them and am able to convey them to non-members.

RUSA members will have access to their numbers much sooner than non-members. And since this year ACP is capping the number of entries they are permitting, timing will be critical. I highly recommend all randonneurs become RUSA members, but this year more than ever it is vitally important if you will be going to PBP in August.

If you have any questions about PBP, registration, or RUSA membership, please let me know.

Finally, make sure to check the updated info on the Vermont rides. The 400k is brand new and looks to be real scenic. Now is also a good time to start planning your Fleche routes!